Thursday, November 15, 2018

Blogger Of The Week KawaKawa adition!!!

Blogger Of The Week For KawaKawa Primary is 
Image result for SShayden's learning blog.

Shayden is a really great blogger so here is a link to his blog:
Here is a video about him and it will show some of his blog posts:
Link to a video
That says why I chose him for blogger of the week and shows some of his blog posts.

This is shayden here you should check the video out and also check  out his blog he does a lot of inspiring stuff.
His blog posts are ones that a lot of people do but he does them in a different way.
I hope you check out hi blog and I hope you leave a positive thoughtful helpful comment on Shaydens blog too. Hope You Loved the Blog Post.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Jacqui Anne Anderson is leaving!!!!!

This teacher named Miss Anderson is leaving 
picture of miss Anderson:

This is the whole squad together there is: In the middle there is Miss Anderson on left there is  julia and then the right there is me and behind me there is Rhys. He is the person that you can talk to when you are alone. Miss Anderson is one of my favourite teachers.

Here is some things about Miss anderson:
She is a really cool and creative teacher I think that she is going to be a really good teacher. I think that she is going to be a awesome teacher and everyone is going to love her.
Favorite things:
Food: Pizza 
Drink: Coke 
Job: sleeping 
bff: Abbi
sport: Eating 
More things about her:
what high school did she go to: Riccarton High 
What would her name be if it was not jacqui: Lilly Anderson.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Our Class Sailing Day!!!

Here is my recount for Sailing Day:

Sailing day was phenomenal we all had so much fun. We helped  out, we got to sail we all had
some fun. Some people fellout of the boats we all tried to have some fun but the boats were so
hard. I had never been sailing before I was scared there were so many things that we had to
learn. We had to make the boat and also learn how to sail the boat we had so much fun when
we all went into the water. I think that you guys should all try sailing it is so much fun. My boat was as cute as a baby unicorn.

Firstly in the morning we all had to come in what we were going to wear in the water. We then
got on the bus at 9:00  and we drove to Lake Rua we got there and we had to learn how to put
up the boats. We had to learn next how to control the boat and where to sit and what to do
and I think that if you wanted to learn how to do things like sailing you should go to these people.
I learned that you could see where to sit and if you are turning you have to go underneath the

Then we had some morning tea and we had so much fun when we had a break time.When we
went into the water I help get people in and out of the boats. When I had a turn I was so
confused I had no Idea why the boat was turning so much. When I got out I was so relieved. This is as scary as a spider, I had 1 go after that but  did not do it again, I think that it was even more fun in the water and helping the adults with the boats. Then we had to go and have some lunch.

After that we all went and played we played with some balls and a cricket set.

We had so much fun that day and when we had to leave ai was sad it was so much fun. We h
ad to get changed in the containers and it was so dirty in there. We were so dirty after. But
when we got out we rubbed our feet on the grass and then it came off of our feet. Then we
went back to school and then we got picked up by our parents. I think that friday was a really
good day. This day was like the day I first saw a snake. It was so fun but so scary at the same
Here is a picture of julia on a boat:
Have you ever been sailing??
Do you like boats??
Do you ever want to go sailing??
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Thursday, November 1, 2018

My recount work!!!

All the information is on the slide:

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Novel Study!!!

Hey, guys, it's today I am going to show you my Novel study. It is not done so I will be adding to it so if you go onto the slide and see that there is some unfished work then don't worry. Here is the slide:

 So here is the slide I hope that you a comment and try and read a novel study also don't mean comments just leave positive thoughtful helpful comments. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wearable arts sense last term!!!

So this term I'm getting better at designing my wearable art outfit.  My group have been making a nature meets ocean dress. It will have a present bow on it and it will have some real bottles attached to the dress. It will be really cool and pretty. When we finish the dress then I will put up a picture. here is our dress from our drawing. 
The feathers are going to be on the bottom.
have you ever made like this dress?

 Here is a picture of what we need and why to make our outfit!!!
Are you going to make a dress at all?
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Our wearable art!!!

Today I am going to be showing you/ teach you some Wearable Art, so here it is. There will be info about it underneath the Wearable Art. 
So I made a video on my Wearable Art and all the things like pictures were all made out of recycled things like toilet rolls and so we are going to be making these things like Wearable Art dresses in term 4.
Here is a slide that I made on Wearable Art, there will be more info on it because I will add to it, so here is the slide:

Here is the video I made and then that will be all:
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