Friday, May 25, 2018

The Honest Truth

This is a story that we have been reading and we read the start and
then we had to try and think what would happen next.  
what I found challenging is that we had to write 250 words but I write
363 words. also I did add a picture and also this is a very 
good story and we have been  having different books every day,
we have been reading awesome books thank you for reading the start hope you enjoy.
The honest truth
Yes I did it im on the train, time to go to seattle I was walking and it

was dark and there was
Homeless people on the street. Why I went I went  because I am
sick the kind of sick that means hospitals and medication and I don’t
need someone to Look after me I am going to this mountain to  be
free and I left about 3:30 and it dark when I got on to the train
It got pitch black. My mum and my dad were calling the cops
I bet you but they can not find me know I am free.

Firstly I went home from school got all packed then I left and
slammed the door and went down to
The train and bus station, bought two bus tickets and then told the
man my dads in the toilet and then I ran to the train area and got out
the ticket  I bought online last night with the credit card I stole from
my mums wolet and then got on the train and went to seattle.

I got to seattle feeling scared and there  was homeless people in
alleyways and also on the path walks and people on the streets. All
most look like they are sick, the people are so so scary well I said I
need to get something to eat and I need to get some sleep because I
am going to catch a bus tomorrow. I am so sleepy and I can't wait to
climb that  mountain.
thank you for reading this hope you leave a comment.

Friday, May 18, 2018

My Math Work

This is my math work this is a slide to show my math.

Friday, May 11, 2018

non chronological report

This is my non cron that stands for Non Chronological Report and this is it, my class this term started to learn
about Non Chronological reports are nonfiction and we have been learning all about them. I have learnt that non
chronological reports are so much fun to write and read. What I found difficult of them was at first it was
so hard to learn. What I improved since we learnt about non  chronological reports is that I have been writing
more words and I have been using third person more,I hope you like my non chronological report.

The product is a shoe the shoe is a nike they are awesome trust me this is my report about it, it is
 designed for many many reasons on of them are that someone one day just came up with the logo and they
turned it into a shoe, Then the person sold it and kept making it. If you wanted to trial them on you can for 20$
and that is for 3 days.
The nike looks like a normal shoe but it has the signature of nike the nike tick the tick is white and the souls
are white to and the rest is black and the laces of mine are pink/purple you can get them in all different shapes
and sizes and colours, the special features of it are the tick and the probably the soul (the bottom of the shoe) is
the other thing. These are important because like say the tick is the signature thing so that is why they important.
The shoe is made of a whole bunch of things the souls of the shoe I think is made of rubber or something
else the top/middle is leather and the laces are made materials,these are important because they can
tell the customer all about  the shoe and trust me it is so detailed. with all off the detail the customer can do
anything with these shoes and also is you call know the customer will get it half price. The shoe can have many
many colours and shapes also sizes the soul of the shoe can be soft or hard. The adult shoe compared to the kids
shoe are very different like size 6 looks like an adult but it is still a kids shoe
The nike is a shoe that is very common in shoes they can  be fluffy or hard well not hard hard it’s like soft hard.
Buy now get one half price.
The normal price is about maybe 15-20$  that is for the normal ones then they are probably cost more
for different ones. They just look really different to other brands like say adidas they look way different to
nike so so so different. There is a difference between adults and children.

The shoe is awesome there are so much fun to run in you should try should go and try them today.

Friday, May 4, 2018

our star wars dress up day

this a picture of leia from star wars I made her from paper and it stands up by its sell what has happened
today we have had a morning tea break and we played hockey I am going to put a picture of me and my
friend down below her name is steller.

this is me and stella I am the one on the right and always can you go and check
out my blog.

Friday, April 13, 2018

my commonwealth games

here is slide showing commonwealth games here it is don't worry about slide 5 is 2 questions four you to answer in the comments

times tables

this is my work to show others what times tables I have learned this term and there a crack the code on it .

The greatest showman movie

The greatest showman is a great movie and it is a very good
movie it has a lot of songs. Here is a link to my fave song from
the greatest showman come alive there is a hole range of
songs now let's get to telling who and what happens so lets do
Here are some names of the characters:
Deng yan
Anne wheeler
Lettie lutz
Charity bamum
Caroline barnum
James gordon bennett
W.d wheeler
Helon barnum
P.t barnum
Lord of leeds
Charles straten
Mr O’mally
Jenny lind

These are all the characters from the movie my favourite
character is anne wheeler and philip the end up being a happy
couple at the end and it is so cute.