Friday, July 6, 2018

Term 2 reflection

What’s worked well this term?
This term what I think has worked well this term is that my levels have been going up and that
I have been focusing lots on my work and that I did lots of maths, reading and writing. Maths was really
good and I have been challenging myself in maths a lot with all the investigations and they were really
challenging they also had challenges in the investigations. Writing was really good this term and my
writing was getting really good I went from writing at the start of the 250 words to about 400 and over so
I can really see that I am improving in my writing lots and writing has worked really well for me.
Reading was really good this term and it was working well because I could see that everyday I was
improving my reading and I was getting all my reading work all done and I think next term I will be even
better with all three of those subjects than I was this term.

What I am proud of this term?
I am proud of lots of things this term because I have been doing lots of things this term and most of the
time I was doing things that I could get done before friday and they were really cool. The things that I
did in my long writes the things I made up were really cool they were so good and they sometimes
catch the readers eye and they are really cool and fun to read. Reading was really good this term do
I think next term I should think about doing better because I do think that I am still sounding like a robot
 but I am really good at reading.

How have I shown my YMS Hero qualities (when/how)?
I have shown my yms qualities at school a lot and it is really cool that if I look back and see what I
did in the first term than I can see that there was a really big change in my hero qualities and myself.
I have shown my hero qualities in the playground, the classroom, to friends and so many more places
in the school I think that my hero qualities have been really good this term and I think that I will be very
good next term as well. This term I think they have been really good because I have been doing heaps
of my work and so they are my hero qualities.

Are there some things that haven’t gone well for you this term?
I don’t think I have had anything gone wrong this term and why I think nothing has gone wrong is
because I don’t think there was anything I did wrong so that is why I think there is nothing that has gone
wrong this term with me. This term has been a good term for me and nothing has gone wrong this term.
I don’t think there has been any drama about me this term.

What challenged me and how did I work through the challenge?
I had a challenge in my maths investigation and I worked through it by just working the question out and
then I did it. I worked the question out by just doing maths and then I got the right answer. I got a
challenge in writing to but I got through the writing challenge. The challenge was that I did not have more
than 250 words so I did not know what to do but then I worked it out and also I had nothing in my head that I could write son I tried to write something and then it came into my head I knew what to write and
so then I write it down and I worked it out.

What is my goal for next term?
My goal next term is to do really good at reading and not sound like a robot. My writing goal is to do
more than 500  words next term and I really need to work on my punctuation in my writing and I need
to finish writing good with ispace as well. My maths needs to be worked on as well because I need to
finish my investigation and do the challenges really good do that I can have my reward time and then
also I need to work on my maths really good because I have not been keeping up with my maths whizz.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

My poetry anthology.

Hi guys today I am posting about my poetry this time I have been doing it for about the whole term that is 10 weeks and now I am posting it and this is a screencasting so you can watch how I made it and it also teaches you what kind of other poems there are how to make them, they are so much fun to make  and so this is my video of how to make other poems and to teach you what other poems there are:

Friday, June 29, 2018

My newspaper report ( need some feedback ).

Hi everyone, it's Chloe today I'm going to show you guys some things I did on this site and it was to make a newspaper report so here are some photos to show you what I have done so far and I would like some feedback to see what else I should put in my newspaper article and I hope you guys give me some ideas of what I should add to my newspaper and then I will add them in and I have two pages to fill and when I have checked my post in a couple of days I will make the newspaper and then I  post some new photo's of my newspaper when it is finished. I would also like to know if you guys have any sites that you would use to make a newspaper and then I will trie them and see if they work for me. I would like to know what you think it looks like a newspaper and what kind of things you want to read in my newspaper report if you ever get one and read it.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Adam's Watch - Algebros

So this week I have been doing an investigation this is a screencastify of what my investigation looks like the investigation is called Adam's Watch  it is for my group called the algebros and the investigation has other people in my groups work so I am going to be doing something to let other people to learn how this works and don't worry about the background  noises it is my class. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My Woodend Camp

This is my photo book ( a slide ) and it says what we did on camp and all the camp things we did so I hope you like my book ( slide ) and it is really cool a it was so much fun hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Posted Work!!!

So this is my work that I have been reading this book named posted for about I think this term and this term for reading we would do all of these activities based on the book. The book is very interesting the only day that we do not read the book is on tuesdays these are some activities on the book and don't worry if I change the slide it's just me working on it so if you check it out and there are somethings that are not finished don't tell me in the comments.
Here you go and also usagi means bunny in japanese!!!

Monday, June 11, 2018

last week woodend camp

Hi everyone it's chloe last week we went on camp to woodend camp and it was fun so I am going to show some pictures, things we did, what food we had and what we did at bed times,  we did things at bed time because we had 30 minutes to do what ever we want and we did some cool things like
scum ( card game )
seat on beds
room inspections
So we did things like that and now I will y tell you what the foods we had some yummy foods and I will also tell you what we had for dessert the nights we were there.
brownie with ice cream
roast chicken drums with vegetables
apple crumble with ice cream 
Now I will tell you what activities we did and then the last thing I will show you is the photos.
Rifle shooting
climbing wall
Aero jump
Go karting
So those were all the activities we did now these are some photos of I dont know what theey are of but here they are:
so thank you for reading my blog post I hope you leave a comment bye.