Thursday, September 20, 2018

Who put flips and snacks together???

Hey everyone so today we are looking at flipnack. flipsnack is a fun way to make a booklet so there is a really cool vide down below there is also some photos and questions the video will be down below and it has how it works what to do on flipsnack. our class has so much fun using this awesome. We are having so much fun and we hope that you will try flipsnack out. Have you ever tried flipsnack out?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My class Ki O Rahi tournament!!!

Who went to the Ki O Rahi Tournament? Last week on Friday I went to Gillberthorpes school and we had a Ki O Rahi tournament we had so much fun and go and also check them out on their blog. We had 4 games and We versed south Hornby, Gillberthorpes and Hornby Primary. We had 2 teams and I was in team one, with my best friend Parwin and Julia. We won 2 games and also drew one game, I will explain how the game works down below.

So one team is called ki oma and the other one is Tani fa, then you had a circle that is surrounded by po and there is also tupu in the middle and there is a circle of comes in the around it and it is water there is also thick things that look like a bridge that you have to walk through to get to the tupu then you throw the ball up in the air and try to catch it and then one of the teams throw the ball to the tupu to try and get a point and the other team tries to get tries and to do that the circle   around the tupu you put the ball in the circle. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

My writing Goals!!!

Hi everyone today I'm blogging about my writing goals and they are so much fun. We had a 10 minute writing challenge today and after we got given shets well they were actually just laminated paper things there will be some photo's down below. I will be asking some questions, so what happened was that we had to go on a table or stay on the carpet but we had a timer and we had to write a story in that time. We also had to stick it onto our chromebooks. Here are some photo's and questions:
have you ever had a writing goal?
Have you ever done a 10 minute writing challenge?
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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Who put letters and numbers together?

 So this week for my blog today I am going to blog about maths but not normal algebra done done done. So this week I have been working on algebra it was kind of hard and so I got a couple of slides done but it was really hard to do, there are some photos of algebra. Algebra is kind of like bed maths. I really o not like algebra but I tried it and then I did, now I am not afraid to do algebra. Here are some photos of the math I did:

Have guys ever done algebra before?

Do ever want to do algebra? 
Do you like Maths? 
Do you do it in your class/school?
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Friday, August 31, 2018

My Math This Week!!!

Hey everyone today I am going to be doing a blog post on my math that I did this week there are pictures down below that will have info and questions. so today I am blogging about my math, so I will tell you about the sheets that I did and it was so much fun to do, I hope that you guys should know. we did fractions and it was so much fun to do and they were not hard. here are some photos:
This is a photo of my blocks that I had to colour in and it was so much fun to do and we also had to figure out the answer.
This one was really easy have you guys ever done this kind of math?
This one was the last sheet that I did and I had to make out the fraction and then work it out with times tables and I got them all right.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Our Inquiry Journey!!!

Hey everyone today, I am going to do a blog post and I am going to talk to use about Our Inquiry and there will be some photos and questions. So we have been learning and waste not want and a waste of time, we all have a group there are 6 groups and I am in group 3 and we had an activity yesterday and we had to write down some facts about a topic and we started with dangerous waste and it was really fun to do. And then after about a few minutes, we had to swop papers with other groups and we had to give them to group 4 and it was so much fun and then after we had to so a PMI which is how we worked and P stands for Positive, M stands for Mineses, I stands for Improvements. So here are some photos and they will have questions underneath:

Have you guys ever done a PMI?
Do you Guys know anything about dangerous waste?
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Friday, August 24, 2018

Our Class Trip to the eco store, drop and sort!!!

On 22nd of August, we went to the Eco Store, Drop and also the Sort. It was so much fun,  we played games, we also learnt the 5 R's and it was so much fun to go to. Also we went to the Eco Store and did this challenge where we had to go and find things that we would need to use if we were flatting,  and we also had to make sure that everything that we pretended to buy all together had to be under $500. I was peered with Mia, We also learnt that it was better to buy a really big bag of chips or popcorn, than buy 13 small bags of popcorn in one big bag. Here are some photos of what we learnt at the place. We also had 2 groups for the day and we had one that went in the morning and one in the afternoon, I went in the morning one because I had a speech competition. Here are the photos: