Friday, December 21, 2018

Awesome Animals day 3 Summer learning Journey!!!

Did you know that New Zealand has very unusual Animals? We have unusual animals like:

  • The Kiwi Bird.

  • Leasser Shorter - Tailed Bat.

  • Hamiltons frog. 

Here is a link of where I got the information. Here is some information of the Animals. 

The kiwi bird is the nation’s sweetheart. However, you won’t just find them wandering the streets and stealing your fries. These elusive nocturnal birds mostly live in forested areas. Check out how to spot these iconic birds in Where to See Kiwi Birds in New Zealand. The kiwi only comes out at night, so to the kiwi you have to wait until it is dark then you can go into the forest. The Kiwi can also be seen in arana park, in the dark room where they live. 
I hope that you liked this blog post. Chloe King YMS School.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Mr Robertson is the principale!!!

  This is Mr Robertson and he is a really good principale and he likes to play uno With me and my friends here is a photo of him:

I think he is a really good principale this year because he was really funny and he does not get angry that much he is a principale that plays with his students. 

Do you play with your principale?
Do you like to play uno?
I like Mr Robertson because his smile did not crack my computer.
Chloe King YMS Bye!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Summer Learning Prep One!!!

Hey everyone it's Chloe, today I am going to tell you some facts about my country I picked and why I picked it. Out of 10 countries I picked mexico, I picked mexico because I have always wondered about mexico, so I am going to tell you about mexico. 
The capital city of mexico is mexico city. I never new that there was a city called mexico city. 

The population of the capital city is 119.5 million people that is so many people.

In January the weather is usually like the coolest time of the whole year. 

The capital city is located in  northern part of mexico. 

The most common language they speech in mexico city is spanish,  link to how I got it. 

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Part two of Pet Day!!!

Hey everyone, its Chloe here and I am back with another blog post. So I blogged about the morning of pet day and I will now tell you about what happened in the afternoon. 

In the afternoon all the animals usually come around about 1:30 - 1:45 so when they are coming the school is doing some activities. So I am going to tell you about the animals and here are some photos:
This is Rebecca's dog he was really fluffy his name was jimmy. 
Do you have a dog?
This is the part of the day were we got to the sheep named missy get shared, she was really
fluffy and cute. 
Have you ever had a pet sheep before?

This Hunter and his cat named Louie but I call him Louis Vuitton. Hunter has a cat behind him and that is his sisters cat named Chloe but Karlie changed it to Gucci.  
 Gucci and Louis Vuitton were a lot like each other they were so fluffy and cute. 
Do you have a pet cat?
This here is Bridget and Karlie , Karlie is a horse she is a grey horse. Bridget loves to ride Karlie, Karlie was dressed like a drey unicorn she was so cute, Bridget was riding her most of the time.
 Do you have a pet horse?
This was when this guy came to our school with his dog named Dee, they were doing duck herding,
it was so cool to watch. Dee was 6 years old and they said that it would have been too hard to get sheep over to our school so they brought ducks and a dog named Dee. 
Do you have a pet duck or a pet dog?
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Chloe King Yaldhurst Model School

Friday, November 30, 2018

Pet Day!!!

Hey everyone I am going to tell you about Pet Day. I have prepared some photos for you but first I am going to tell you about some things that happen on pet day.

  • Hobby horse racing 
  • Gum book throwing 
  •  Rice racing
Those are some things that we do now here are some photos:
Have you ever had a Pet Day at your school?

What is your favourite animal?

Have you ever made a sand sculpture?

Have you ever made a vegetable sculpture?
I hope that you have had some fun 
looking at this blog post and I hope that one day 
you and your school could have a Pet Day,

Friday, November 23, 2018

Goldfish boy!!!

Hey there everyone it is Chloe and I am going to tell you about the 4th book that we got for hooked on books week. We had the book called goldfish boy here is a photo:
Image result for goldfish boy
This is goldfish boy.
Have you ever done a hooked on
books week???

This is the opening of the book.
Do you like books???
Here is the video of the book.
How long have you known how to read???
I hope you like it bye.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

What do we use for Coding???

Hey everyone it is Chloe and my I am going to put some photos on this blog post and it will show you what I use for coding and I hope you like it:
This first photo is of the studio:
Have you ever done coding before?
I think this one is really cool.
In the next photo I will show you what happens once you finish: 

This app is called code. org so search it up on your computer.
Tell your teachers about this and maybe one day you and your class could do it.
Leave a comment and follow bye. 
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