Monday, June 11, 2018

last week woodend camp

Hi everyone it's chloe last week we went on camp to woodend camp and it was fun so I am going to show some pictures, things we did, what food we had and what we did at bed times,  we did things at bed time because we had 30 minutes to do what ever we want and we did some cool things like
scum ( card game )
seat on beds
room inspections
So we did things like that and now I will y tell you what the foods we had some yummy foods and I will also tell you what we had for dessert the nights we were there.
brownie with ice cream
roast chicken drums with vegetables
apple crumble with ice cream 
Now I will tell you what activities we did and then the last thing I will show you is the photos.
Rifle shooting
climbing wall
Aero jump
Go karting
So those were all the activities we did now these are some photos of I dont know what theey are of but here they are:
so thank you for reading my blog post I hope you leave a comment bye.


  1. Hi Chloe,How are you?
    My name is Lara from Papakura-Central School. Camp sounds like fun! I can't wait to go to our camp this year. Go karting, Aero Jump, archery and Climbing wall. How many Days did you stay there?

  2. hi chloe is angus did you have fun at camp

    1. hi there laura this comment does not make sense could you be able to fix it for me.


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